NIASA is committed to promoting the highest standards in the development and application of nuclear technology in South Africa!


The Nuclear Industry Association of South Africa is a body committed to promoting the highest standards in the development and application of nuclear technology in South Africa.

NIASA is composed of organisations, groups, and individuals, from not only the established nuclear sector, but also any entities involved in any technology endeavour related to the development and operation of nuclear technology.

In the development of a major entity such as a nuclear power station, diverse groups are involved across the whole spectrum, ranging in skill from the pouring of concrete structures to the welding of high precision pipe-work, to the installation of electrical controls, to the construction of laboratory systems, and the fabrication of precision sub assemblies.

Also included are specialist teams in the domains of health physics and environmental monitoring, as well as universities and research organisations who probe and investigate the intricacies of the world of nuclear science, from the macroscopic to the microscopic.


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